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Frequently Asked Questions about Slim Racing Track Days

Do I need any previous experience?
No previous experience is necessary, however for our Advanced courses you will need some experience with a standard transmission.
What is the minimum age to take a course?
We accept children starting at 17 years of age with a full driving licence and a minimum height restriction of 5’0”.
Is it safe?
With over twenty five years of race experience, all our team are extreamly qualified in handling the track. All on-track activities will be under his direct supervision and our racecars are the safest available. We also employ FIA approved HJC helmets and SABELT racewear. Sabelt is an official supplier to the Ferrari F-1 team, if Sabelt are good enough for Ferrari then it's good enough for Slim Racing.
Will I fit into these racecars?
Our racecars are surprisingly roomy and can accommodate poeple just about any size.
What do I need to bring?
Since we provide helmets, balaclavas, race suits, gloves, as well as neck braces and rib protectors all you need are some snug flat soled shoes, with socks. Wear a t-shirt and shorts underneath your race suit. You are of course welcome to bring your own helmet and driving equipment, provided it is Snell and FIA compliant.
What if it rains?
Our training courses operate rain or shine, unless we consider the conditions unsafe. If the weather doesn’t cooperate, we will give you a rain check to reschedule.
Can I bring a guest to watch?
A limited number of VIP guests are welcome to share in the experience with you. If possible, we will even recommend some of the best viewing areas for you. The only condition is that all guests and spectators must follow the recommendations of our personnel at all times.
What happens if I crash?
Drivers are responsible for accident damage up to £2,500 per incident in any of our packages. Crash damage liability is limited to £5,000 per incident. A moderately priced crash damage policy is available for those drivers who are interested.
What are your cancellation / rescheduling policies?
Cancellations are accepted less a £150 handling fee, up to thirty days prior to your event. Rescheduling is accepted up to thirty days prior to an event at no charge, less than thirty days will incur a £150 handling fee. Please contact us if you have any queries.

What can I take home with me?
We provide you with individual photos alongside your racecar. We also offer a DVD taken from your on board camera, as well as a printout of your lap times.

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