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Race and Test with Slim Racing

Here at Slim Racing, we create the ultimate Radical Racing experience.

Slim Racing offers a unique blend of technical expertise, a varied Motorsport pedigree,extensive experience, personal commitment and a deep-seated and continuing enthusiasm for the sport.
Together these vital elements are a winning combination that provides not only the “hardware” necessary for success but also the essential “software”. Outstanding levels of driver coaching and support, logistical expertise and test and race day administration therefore complement excellent vehicle engineering, preparation and set-up.

We are not a team that seeks to “cut corners” as we believe that success will only follow meticulous preparation and relentless follow-up. Accordingly on a pure pound for pound basis we are not aiming to be the cheapest, but when account is taken of the scale of work we undertake and the absence of “unexpected” cost increases as the season progresses then on a value for money measure we are highly competitive.

We also pride ourselves on maintaining a high level of team morale and creating a wholly supportive environment in which drivers’ talent can flourish.

For us our participation in the sport must always achieve the highest level of professionalism but we also always seek to maintain the pure enjoyment and spirit of the sport.

Race event support from Slim Racing

Car pre-preparation & set-up
Telemetry monitoring and evaluation
Race car to pit radio communication - licence and local frequency hire
After race/test check & assess for required work
Services of the following Crew at all race events
• 1 Professional First mechanic
• 1 Second mechanic
• 1 Professional telemetry engineer

Additional support included in Slim Racing motorsport race package

Test & Track Day scheduling and support
Slim Borgudd testing and setting up car & providing technical advice
Slim Borgudd coaching and race craft advice at or prior to each event
Race car storage during racing season
Breakfast, Lunch and hot and cold beverages, at all test & race events
Use of truck and trailer, awning and motor-home
Team gear - T-shirt and polo

Further Motorsport Services offered by Slim Racing

Motorsport Driving Tuition
Slim Racing can provide driving tuition to to any individual who requires it. We have a network of well-qualified instructors to meet such needs for driver coaching and the improvement of race-craft skills.

Race Driver Management
Slim Racing has an extensive network of motorsport contacts and is well positioned to take on management responsibilities for any driver seeking to advance in the sport.

Motorsport Team Management
Slim Racing can supply top class race car supervision, crew and technical support for you to compete in national and international motorsport, either under the Slim Racing banner or your own team designation.
We will advise you on your driving style, adjusted to the particular circuit on which you are racing. Your car will be maintained and presented to the highest standards and be assured we have two overriding principles that govern the way we work; one is to achieve reliability and the other is to get the car across the line first.

Slim Racing Track Days and other Motorsport Events
Slim Racing can provide and manage motorsport events for customers and sponsors ranging from straightforward race day hospitality to VIP entertainment or action-packed track days and anything in between. You specify what you would like and we will give you a detailed programme and costings.

For answers to Frequently Asked Questions about Slim Racing Track Days click this link

Motorsport Race Day Hospitality
Race days can be experienced in a number of ways and we can design a pattern of activity that meets your own needs. You and your guests can enjoy our hospitality in either a relaxed comfortable environment or in a way that pulls you right in close to the action in the garage; either way we will ensure a warm welcome and catering to meet your needs, from basic to VIP treatment.


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